Focus On ... 2023

Focus On ... 2023!

12 months, 12 sports: take a look back at a year of Focus On articles. 


Health & Wellbeing

Focus On ... Equestrian

“Being involved with helping in equestrian activities, of course, helps physical health through having a fun way to exercise and get out and do something that helps not only yourself but others too.”


Volunteers in Sport

Focus On ... Fencing 

“In the majority of cases, and especially where youth competitions are concerned, competition organisers seldom have sufficient funds to reimburse officials.  They rely on volunteer refs to make competitions function – after all, fencing cannot start without a referee saying 'Fence!'" 


Women & Girls in Sport

Focus On ... Handball

Female participation within handball in Scotland is growing. Since the 2019/20 season, the adult female (16+) playing membership of Scottish Handball has grown by approximately 40%, and as of March 2022, 41.2% of Scottish Handball’s members were female.


Active Every Day

Focus On ... Climbing 

"Climbing is a great way to stay active because it blends physical movement and problem solving within a supportive community.”


Mental Health

Focus On ... Archery

“As well as being a rewarding physical sport, archery can also help boost mental wellbeing. As a high-concentration sport, archery requires participants to set aside time to do nothing but focus on a single element - hitting the target.”


Sport for Communities 

Focus On ... Wrestling

Sport plays a crucial role in building strong communities and connecting people from all walks of life. Scottish Wrestling have been working to build opportunities for communities to connect and reap the physical, mental, and social benefits of participating in sport.


Sport for All Ages 

Focus On ... Triathlon 

“We believe that swim, bike, run is for everyone - and we want our participants to enjoy lifelong benefits from taking part in the sport. Many of our clubs and events across the country cater for both children and adults, making triathlon a great sport for the whole family and across generations.”



Focus On ... Golf

“Within golf, many clubs already have their own environmental sustainability plan and are delivering innovative projects; moving to renewable energy, utilising water storage projects and even biodiversity projects in and around the golf course.”


Sport for Skills

Focus On ... Gymnastics

“The pathways for recreational gymnasts and performance athletes alike focus on developing skills. Scottish Gymnastics programmes are shaped by the development of brilliant basics, allowing participants to learn and develop physical, technical, and behavioral skills which will set them up for a life in sport.”



Focus On ... Basketball

Clarity of communication is essential and helping people know what to expect when they come to participate can make a big difference. Having leaders to relate to is key. For basketballscotland, this means a focus on developing more female and ethnically diverse leaders.


Celebrating Sport

Focus On ... Cycling 

This year, Scottish Cycling celebrated the first anniversary of its ‘Bike and Blether’ initiative. Developed in partnership with SAMH (Scottish Action for Mental Health), Bike and Blether aims to provide a platform for greater mental health support to riders across Scotland.


A Year in Sport

Focus On ... Rugby 

With the Men’s Rugby World Cup in sight, 2023 was set out to be a huge year for the game - and it did not disappoint. The year unfolded with moments of triumph, not just in the men’s professional game but across the board.


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