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Fit and ready

to ensure the players are in the best condition in terms of health and well-being and physical conditioning. Three institute practitioners (one physiotherapist and two physical preparation coaches... of it but you need to be able to match the physical capabilities of all the other teams as well.  Picture... think our physical capacity is now on a different level as a team and as a squad.” Goalkeeper Lee

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Memory lane

project is among 17 projects to benefit from the Changing Lives Through Sport and Physical Activity.... Vision Sporting Memories Foundation Scotland is building on its vision to provide inclusive physical... Kilbride featured sporting reminiscence activities followed by a physical activity session delivered... aim to improve the lives of isolated older people living with long-term mental and physical... Leisure and Calderglen Sports Hub, as well as the Changing Lives Through Sport and Physical Activity fund

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YA Focus: mental health

Four members of the Young Ambassadors Conference Delivery Team tell Sport First why they think sport and physical activity can be so beneficial to the mental health of people who take part. Alistair, 18, Millburn Academy Mental health issues are a growing concern within schools across Scotland and as someone who has been transformed by sport and exercise, I feel strongly that it can play a key... of physical activity that everyone can enjoy or take part in. PE in school has played a massive part

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One community

Established in 2016, St Madoes Active Sports Hub has been committed to providing people from the surrounding Carse of Gowrie area of Perth & Kinross access to physical activity and social opportunities. Set up by St Madoes and Kinfauns Parish Church at the purpose-built Madoch Centre, the hub has become an integral part of the community's approach to delivering sporting opportunities local... its programme spread far wider than just physical activity, allowing people to grow in confidence

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First steps

people following the launch of a new Physical Activity Strategy. The strategy aims to help everyone... of what the city can be and what can be achieved through physical activity of all kinds. Dundee... Living and Dance. The Dundee Partnership and the City’s physical activity sector believes... are delighted to have worked with our partners on the development of Dundee’s Physical Activity.... Find out more Visit the Leisure & Culture Dundee website to find out more on Dundee’s Physical

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