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First steps

people following the launch of a new Physical Activity Strategy. The strategy aims to help everyone... of what the city can be and what can be achieved through physical activity of all kinds. Dundee... Living and Dance. The Dundee Partnership and the City’s physical activity sector believes... are delighted to have worked with our partners on the development of Dundee’s Physical Activity.... Find out more Visit the Leisure & Culture Dundee website to find out more on Dundee’s Physical

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At home on the slopes

Alex Standen at Huntly Nordic Outdoor Centre.  Physical preparation Through the sportscotland institute of sport, both Duncan and Fin are part of a physical preparation programme receiving strength... snowboarder.   Building physical literacy However, it’s not all about snow sports. In order to build strong physical literacy the freestyle programme encourages a multi-sport approach, based on individual

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More to it than meets the eye

. Not only does she receive support in the physical preparation and physiotherapy needed in a sport... Donald McIntosh. “From a physical preparation point of view, she works with Niall Crosbie who is her.... Shooting requires an extraordinary degree of control, on both a physical and psychological level... hinge on her achieving the mental clarity and physical calm to enable her talent to flourish. If she

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Digitally enhanced

used by specialists at the institute is Visual Coaching Pro (VCP), which offers physical preparation... programmes from Visual Coaching Pro. Senior physical preparation coach, Catriona Munro, said: “Using

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Playing my part Bethan Goodwin

Darren Hide (physical preparation), Roisin Murphy (physiotherapy - below), Brian Hughes (exercise... people to take part in sport and physical activity and develops effective pathways between schools

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