#PlayingOurPart sportscotland Martin Perry, Bethan Goodwin, Carly Edward and Gavin Byers

Playing our part

How a world class sporting system helps people participate and progress

The mission of sportscotland, the national agency for sport, is to build a world class sporting system for everyone in Scotland.

In our work with partners we aim to put sport at the heart of society, making a positive impact on people and communities.

So who are these people, where are these communities and who are our partners?

The purpose of #PlayingOurPart is to bring the sporting system to life through personal experiences. We hope you will enjoy these stories, told through the eyes of Martin, Bethan, Gavin and Carly. And if you're inspired by our films to get involved (or more involved) with sport, check out the links at the bottom of this article.

We aim to give everyone in Scotland the ability to participate and progress in sport. 

Playing Our Part: Martin Perry 


Martin's story is truly inspirational and his journey to becoming a full-time athlete underlines that everyone can progress in sport with the right attitude, guidance and support. You can read more about him here.  

Playing Our Part: Bethan Goodwin


Bethan is the perfect example of a young athlete who has been helped to develop by the effective delivery of school sport, expertise from the sportscotland institute of sport and strong partnerships with a governing body and local authority. Read more about her journey here.  

Playing Our Part: Gavin Byers & Carly Edward 


Grove Menzieshill Hockey Club was named EHF European Club of the Year in 2016 and the positive effect of the club's progress is being felt in communities throughout Tayside. The club has a strong record of developing people and has benefited from direct club investment (DCI), a National Lottery fund. Find out all about head coach Gavin Byers and international umpire Carly Edward here

Playing Our Part sportscotland

Find out more

Playing Our Part: summary of progress is sportscotland's annual report for 2016-17. 

This report covers the second year of the 2015-19 corporate plan: Raising The Bar. It allows us to assess what progress we have made towards achieving our impact measures.

You can find Playing Our Part alongside previous annual reports on the sportscotland website. 

Are you inspired? 

If you have been inspired by #PlayingOurPart and would like to get involved or become more involved in sport, head to the home page of the sportscotland website or one of the following sections:

Want to talk about it? 

We'd love to hear your feedback on #PlayingOurPart in the comments section below, or you can contact the communications team at sportscotland. 

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