Sally Watson and Dr Malcolm Fairweather of the sportscotland institute of sport

Green reading material

New bible of golf science highlights work of institute experts

It is, as anyone who has thrashed around a course knows, one of the hardest sports to master. But a new book aims to bring together the best minds in golf science to offer a huge range of solutions to players and coaches looking to improve their game.

The International Handbook of Golf Science features a chapter on Perceptual-Cognitive Expertise in Golf Putting written by two experts from the sportscotland institute of sport, Laura Carey and Dr Malcolm Fairweather, in collaboration with Dr Robin Jackson, Dr Joe Causer and Prof Mark Williams. 

Sally Watson and Dr Malcolm Fairweather of the sportscotland institute of sportThe book, available to buy from today, aims to present leading research and evidence-based practice in golf science written by experts from around the world.

Laura Carey explains: "Perceptual-Cognitive Expertise in Golf Putting focuses on the skills required to be able to read a green and then select the most appropriate strategy for success. 

"This chapter follows the format of the book, whereby the first part is a definitive account of the current state of knowledge in Perceptual-Cognitive Expertise in Golf Putting. Then the chapter goes on to address the limitations of existing research, present new areas for development and discusses the implications for coaches, players, scientists and the wider golfing public."  

Get involved 

Currently there is limited research into green reading and the sportscotland institute of sport are looking for people to take part in studies to help to develop further understanding about green reading and green reading expertise. We would encourage any interested parties to take part in this short green reading study.

If you would like to be involved in a practical green reading study starting in November 2018 in the Stirling area, using mobile technology such as the eye tracker, please email Laura Carey.

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