Hope is a member of the Scottish Disability Sport Young Person's Sport Panel

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How 23-year-old Hope is helping to shape the future of sport

Throughout the Year of Young People, we'll be hearing from a range of inspirational young people about the role sport plays in their lives, and the ways in which young people can help to shape Scottish sport.

Hope Gordon, 21, is a member of the Scottish Disability Sport Young Person's Sport Panel, which gives young people with disabilities a voice in sport, as well as supporting them to develop as individuals and gain experience across various areas in sport. 

Here, she discusses her experiences of sport while growing up and the wider benefits of participation in sport.  

What sports do you take part in, and how did you first get involved?

"Currently I swim with East Lothian Swim Team where my coach is Bruce Halloran. I am in the pool training for 12 hours and do land-base training for 12 hours a week.  

"This is on top of my commitments of working at Engage Sports Centre and being in 4th year at Napier University. I will be graduating in June of this year with a degree in sports science.

"At the age of 12, I lost the function and had a lot of pain in one of my legs. Swimming was the only activity I could keep doing without being in pain. Because of this I began swimming with the local mainstream club, Tain ASC. Over the last four years I have also been involved in rowing but since having my leg amputated, starting work and studying, I have not had time to pursue rowing."  

What do you think are the wider benefits of involvement in sport for young people?

"I think the biggest impact that sport has made on my life is the friends I have made and the people I have met. They have had a huge influence on my life and not just from a sporting perspective.

"Before my operations, my health wasn’t great but sport has always been a positive aspect of my life and has helped me through tough times.

"Sport has helped me through my rehabilitation, which was sped up by the fact that I was already fit because of my swimming training."  

How do you think young people can make a difference to sport in Scotland?

"As a member of the Scottish Disability Sport Young Person's Sport Panel I am part of the voice for young people with a disability taking part in sport in Scotland.

"It provides a real viewpoint of what young people need currently and in the future. It allows the board to hear our views and shape future strategy that will meet the needs and aspirations to ensure that the next generation can access inclusive sport in Scotland."  

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Discover more about the Year of Young People and the SDS Young Person's Sport Panel.

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