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Why is it so important to make great connections within sport? 


Hannah, 17, Braes High School

As a Young Ambassador I helped improve the connection between primary seven pupils and the PE department at the high school. In order to establish this connection, I worked with cluster head teachers, my mentors and fellow Young Ambassadors to create a P7 Sport Induction day. The day ran in June and the P7 pupils came up to the PE department to try the different activities available to them, and were given the opportunity to sign up to extra-curricular activities. This day was a huge success and helped motivate the future S1 pupils as well as increase participation in the department. This connection helped to reduce anxiety levels of the pupils about to come up to the high school as they were familiar with working with their peers from other primary schools alongside the staff in the department.


Kieran, 19, University of Aberdeen

Having good sporting connections is extremely important for everyone; from people taking part at a casual level within clubs, to the best athletes competing around the world. These connections can help a wide variety needs, such as attracting new members and travel costs, through to sponsors providing multimillion-pound facilities. Sporting connections can even just mean the support from staff and volunteers.

In my role as a Young Ambassador at Kilwinning Academy I made frequent use of the connections available to me. One that sticks out in my head as a great example was the partnership with Twilight Basketball. This involved me and my team of sports leaders promoting the Twilight Basketball sessions and generate an interest in basketball within the school which was not provided. This connection resulted in both of our organisations benefiting.


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