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YA Focus: Outdoor sports

About a positive relationship with the outdoors

Members of the Young Ambassadors Conference Delivery Team tell Sport First why they think outdoor sports are the perfect way to exercise.


Eve, 16, Prestwick Academy

I’ve been participating in outdoor sports from a very young age. I’ve tried football, hockey, horse riding and even a bit of beach volleyball.  I became inspired to take part in outdoor sports by my family, as my brother was always outside playing rugby, and seeing how happy he was after coming home from training inspired me to take up a team sport myself.

Football is my main sport to this day and I find huge benefit from playing as no matter how stressed a day I’ve had or how I’m feeling, being outside with my teammates always puts me in a better mood and makes me feel amazing. This is why I always try and encourage the younger children I coach to get involved and bring as many of their friends along to get involved too.


Rhianna, 16, Clydeview Academy

Getting outside in the fresh air and enjoying sport is an essential part of life. Whether it be going for a long walk or enduring a tasking game of rugby, experiencing the constant supply of clean air makes you feel just a bit more alive than usual. Personally, training outdoors was a requirement when I chose athletics, the environment is ever changing and challenging you to better yourself in the specific sport and overall and I think that many people feel the same. The rain and cold is tough but rewarding and especially if you train with partners or a team, getting through the challenge is just that much easier. Next to all the many physical health benefits from participating in outdoor sport, there are many mental health benefits such as stress relief and better self-esteem; not to mention the social benefits also. Surely all these factors support the choice of taking part in outdoor sports?

Evidently, the main problem is that of apathy, people choosing not to take part. We as sport enthusiasts need to exaggerate the greatness of outdoor sports, of being close to nature and improving all aspects of yourself. Either through conversation or online promotion, the invaluable aspects of outdoor sports need to be strengthened to encourage those currently not active to get up and enjoy fresh air activities.

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