Lead the Way sportscotland event at Hampden Park

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Lead the Way inspires young leaders to make an impact

Lead the Way, in celebration of Year of Young People 2018, welcomed nearly 100 young people to Hampden Park  on 17 November for a day of learning and development.

The event gave young leaders in sport from across the country the chance to develop their leadership skills and an opportunity to network with other like-minded young leaders.

Young people play a crucial part in developing a world class sporting system in Scotland and as a result, sportscotland are committed to helping these young leaders to develop in their roles.

Five young people supported sportscotland in the planning and organisation of the event, and played a key role in the running of the day. Among them was Declan Coutts, a member of the Young People’s Sport Panel who was delighted to be involved in the planning team and looks forward to using the skills he has developed in his future career.

Declan said: “Being part of the planning team for the Lead the Way event has been a fantastic opportunity for me to see how things like this are developed from a simple discussion to a full-blown event.

"As a young person this event has also given me a great chance to have my voice and opinion heard, and sportscotland have really put the young people at the forefront of every discussion and decision that has been made.”

The day was opened by Craig Gordon and Fraser Johnston, two young people from the planning team, followed by a keynote speech by Tree of Knowledge on self-awareness.

Tree of Knowledge and Scottish Sports Futures then held engaging and informative workshops focusing on communication, mindset, emotional intelligence and human connections, which included fun activities for delegates to participate in. The day was drawn to a close by another two young people - Megan Jones and Colette Martin. 

Minister for Sport Joe Fitzpatrick showed his supported for the event, and was able to spend some time with the planning team as well as meeting with members of the #SportPanel to discuss their key focus areas for the year ahead.

Mr Fitzpatrick said: “Young people contribute massively to influencing and leading in sport and I want to recognise this significant impact, particularly during the Year of Young People.

“The Scottish Government is committed to helping Scotland become a more active nation and to encouraging young people to be physically active as part of their everyday lives. Events such as Lead the Way are great examples of how to support young people by providing great opportunities to learn important skills and participate in sport and physical activity.”

Check out the photo gallery from Lead the Way below. 

In pictures: Lead the Way 

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