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Panel members have their say on sponsorship


Tunnocks has sponsored my school shinty team for as long as I can remember, and we have a very memorable team strip with a caramel wafer on the front. Being local it shows that Tunnocks support their local community and when we go on our Ireland tour we have plenty of Tunnocks supplies for the clubs to try!! Two years ago at our staff v pupils shinty match for Comic Relief, Mr Tunnock even came down to support us.

I think it’s good for companies to sponsor a local club or team, as it shows they’re supporting their local community.



Sports sponsorship can be a good way of engaging with young people, as when they watch sporting events they will see the brand and associate it with the event.

I think companies could get involved more in sponsoring women’s sport and disability sport. There’s more opportunity to help invest in and develop these areas and give them more recognition.



A lot of young people watch sport so it’s a great chance for brands to promote themselves. Adidas has a good community football scheme which makes me feel positive towards them, and Specsavers has a partnership with the SFA for their referees.



An example of sponsorship I’ve seen in my sport is Muller yoghurt sponsoring athletics. It’s a good connection as it associates the brand with the hard work and determination of athletes.

I think sports sponsorship helps young people engage with a brand and can also encourage them to participate in sport, especially if money goes back to grassroots clubs.



I think it’s good for local companies to sponsor local clubs as they can both help to promote each other in the community. Companies could definitely get more involved in sponsoring grassroots and school sport, which would help teams to afford better kit. Arnold Clark sponsors my HHDanceStudio which allowed us to get hoodies for all the dancers.



Sports sponsorship is a good way for brands to engage with young people, because it allows a more direct relationship to form between individual young people and brands. It can be a two way benefit especially by sponsoring at a grass roots level - it not only promotes the brand, but could also provide young people involved in the club with a greater variety of equipment and improve their overall sporting experience.

I think more could be done to use sponsorship to make sport more accessible. For example in giving money to new or upcoming clubs, this could make a bigger impact on people who need it the most.


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