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Panel members recognise the unsung heroes of sport

Following their involvement in the 2018 Coaching, Officiating and Volunteering Awards, members of the Young People's Sport Panel pay tribute to the coaches, officials and volunteers who make sport happen.


Erin's thank you to coaches

The dictionary states that a coach is someone who “gives professional advice on how to attain their goal” but we feel they are so much more than that. Coaches are a fundamental part of sport - from grassroots to high performance athletes, nothing would be possible without a coach.

They have a massively important role to play in influencing behaviour, fitness and boosting self-esteem within the young people they work with.

They are key role models to the younger generation and not only help improve ability within their sport, but also work on building that person into who they are going to be in the future and giving them skills for life.

Coaches can be overlooked but we know that without a coach there wouldn’t be an athlete. They are a true inspiration to all and for that we thank every single one of them for all the hard work and dedication they show towards their sports. Coaches have truly changed the lives of so many people!


Holly's thank you to volunteers

To dedicate your time to volunteering is a massive commitment that should be recognised and celebrated not only in your community but nationally.

Volunteering can be a hard and rigorous hobby, but small gestures by people in your community that recognise your hard work can really motivate you to keep going. In my opinion, recognition can play a key role in any sport or hobby. It pushes you and drives you to success knowing that someone will be proud once you have completed your target, whether that may be family or friends, teachers or others.

Recognition can be delivered in a range of different ways like an awards night, star of the week or something as simple as a high five or a thank you.

It should not only allow us to feel rewarded but should make us feel special that we have been recognised for what we do. Recognition is something we should give but also something we should receive.


Hannah's thank you to officials

Officials play a crucial role in the development of sport. Up and down the country, they volunteer hours of their own time for the benefit of sport participants. Officials ensure the smooth running of events and provide a platform for results to be accredited for the individuals and teams they oversee.

Without officials, sporting events would be without guidance, safety, structure and results for athletes.

Many officials commit their time for decades in an unselfish and altruistic way to benefit future generations of sport.

Often working behind the scenes and with difficult decisions to make, I think officials are sport’s true heroes. No matter what level of competition, it simply couldn’t run without them. The officials are sometimes the ones presenting awards but they aren’t recognised enough for their own accomplishments. When we consider the success of athletes it is essential to acknowledge the contribution that officials will have had throughout their career - as a nation we should do more to acknowledge this massive contribution.


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