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Inspiring the Community

Bringing outdoor sport and rural inclusion into the heart of their programme.

South Ayrshire Active Schools have been on a mission to bring the joys of outdoor sport and activity to participants in their area, regardless of where they happen to live, or their background.

The team have been providing support across the local authority with a focus on not just rural inclusion, but social inclusion too. In a very literal way, they are bringing sport to the community.

Community pop-ups

Across rural communities of South Ayrshire, South Ayrshire Active Schools have spearheaded a program of sport, setting up free pop-up sporting sessions using local indoor and outdoor spaces. Designed to break down barriers, this initiative provides young people with unprecedented access to sports and physical activities right in their local area.

Prior to the programmes beginnings, South Ayrshire Active Schools consulted with local communities, to ensure that the local young people and their parents / carers had a say in selecting which activities they would like to take part in. The program ensures that activities are not only accessible, but tailored to the community’s needs, including activity preference, timing and the venue.

The impact of the programme has been profound, not just in promoting physical and mental well-being but also in fostering stronger community bonds in the area. This has shown itself in many ways, including a noticeable reduction anti-social behavior in the area.

Many participants are even venturing to extend their experience by join local sports clubs after their stint with the program.

Inspire programme

Another standout initiative by South Ayrshire Active Schools is their program catering to individuals with additional support needs, which they call the Inspire programme.

Teaming up with Dolphin House Outdoor Education Centre, and funded by The Outdoor Partnership, they delivered free water sport activities right in the heart of the community. During the recent Easter holidays, participants had the chance to explore the River Ayr, utilising newly built special access steps.

Beyond taking part in sports, the programme is providing a platform for participants to collaborate and enjoy the outdoors, all while promoting physical and mental well-being. The Inspire program is a beacon of accessibility and inclusivity, offering a lifeline to those who often face limited options during school breaks.

The program not only provided a platform for physical activity but also served as a means of social connection and exploration. In a time where accessibility and low-cost opportunities can be scarce, the Inspire program is offering a range of activities that cater to all abilities.

South Ayrshire Active Schools are championing not just physical activity, but also a growth in community spirit and a sense of inclusivity within the area. Through tailored programs for rural and social inclusion, they're breaking down barriers and enriching lives in South Ayrshire. As they continue to provide accessible and affordable outdoor activities, South Ayrshire is undoubtedly a brighter, more inclusive place for all its residents.

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