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Heart of the community

Community sport hubs hit all-time high

When it comes to making a difference to the local community and providing opportunities for people to become involved in sport and physical activity, Camelon Community Sport Hub knows a thing or two about what it takes.

Since its launch early in 2018 the hub has gone from strength to strength, firmly establishing itself right at the heart of the community.

Back then there were three anchor clubs – Camelon Juniors Football Club, Falkirk Rugby Club and Re-Union Canal – who were home to a combined 400 members. Now there are 15 clubs and organisations, with 1,100 people of all ages taking part in an array of sports and physical activities each week.   

It’s no exaggeration to say there is something on offer for everyone at the hub, whatever their age, skill or fitness level. And it’s not just sports like football, rugby and basketball. Hub members have the chance to take part in indoor bowling, line dancing, baton twirling and yoga. And that’s just to name a few. 

Unifying the community

The hub’s growth and continued success is down to the fact that each of the partners now involved works tirelessly to create opportunities for people to play sport or get active. There is a genuine partnership and shared ethos at the heart of the hub and the results are there for everyone to see.

Falkirk Community Trust community sport hub officer, Martin Wylie, said: “Initially there were three anchor clubs who came together with local steering groups. Together they had a real passion of trying to really unify their community. Since then it’s been fantastic.

“Everyone has been working really hard to try and provide more opportunities for people in Camelon and the surrounding areas. It’s that collaboration and that working together that is key for the community sport hub to be successful.”

Active Schools manager Cameron Reid added: “For us at Falkirk Community Trust and the community in general, sport and hubs are really essential to what we are trying to do. They are bringing communities together, they are bringing clubs together.

“If you look at Camelon there are 15 clubs or organisations involved with 1,100 members. There are only 5,000 people who live in Camelon so that is a huge percentage who are getting involved in sport and activity.  

“Without the connections it simply wouldn’t have worked.

"The clubs wouldn’t have been talking to each other. You wouldn’t have a football club and a rugby club talking about developing a gymnastics club, but that is happening here.”


Sporting partnership   

Camelon Community Sport Hub is a partnership between the following organisations:

  • Falkirk Rugby Club
  • Camelon Juniors Football Club
  • Re-Union Canal Boats
  • Forth Valley Baton Twirlers
  • Falkirk Fury Basketball Club
  • Falkirk Indoor Bowling Club
  • Falkirk Fusion
  • Kickbox Cardio
  • Let’s Talk Table Tennis
  • Tamfourhill Gymnastics
  • Karuna Yoga
  • Falkirk Ultimate Tae Kwon Do
  • William Abercrombie Gym and Fitness Club
  • Tangled Boots Line Dancing
  • Falkirk Community Trust.

Legacy lives on

The number of hubs in operation across Scotland is now at an all-time high of 197, an increase of 50% from 131 in 2013/2014, as sportscotland continues to deliver its key legacy commitment from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Over the same period the number of sport club members actively part of hubs rose by 92% from 81,686 to 156,562. 

Find out more 

Find your nearest community sport hub at the sportscotland website

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