Lerwick ASC do their bit for the environment

Da Voar Redd Up

Sheltand sport clubs pitching in to help the environment

Shetland’s sporting community will once again do its bit to protect the area’s natural environment by taking part in Da Voar Redd Up.

Da Voar Redd Up, organised by the Shetland Amenity Trust, is the UK's most successful community litter-picking event, with around 4,500 people (20% of Shetland’s population) volunteering each year. The Redd Up makes a huge contribution to the protection of Shetland's natural environment and wildlife, clearing Shetland's beaches, coastlines and roadsides of litter and the debris washed up by winter storms.

In the 2019 Redd Up 240 groups participated amounting to 13,500 volunteer hours. Over 48 tonnes of rubbish was collected and 1075km of land was improved.

Whalsay Riding Club

The 2022 Da Voar Redd Up takes place from 23-29 April and sports clubs, schools and community groups will once again be among those who do their bit to contribute to the success of the event.

Roselyn Fraser of Whalsay Riding Club explains why the club takes part, she said: “The love of our community is a key driver around why our club members and volunteers want to take part in the Redd Up each year.

“We want to take care of our environment and have pride in the place we live.  The rubbish was unsightly and upsetting to see so we decided to try to do what we could to improve the situation. 

“We wanted to clean it up so that it was no longer a danger to the environment, people or animals.  We try very hard to instil this sense of social responsibility to all our members."

Paul Ratter of Delting Football Club added: “Delting Football Club have taken part in the Voar Redd up for about 14 years now and there are a few reasons we take part. For one it is a good method for the kids to get sponsored to be doing some good in the community. This helps raise much needed funds for the football club and also helps to improve the environment we live in.

“This gives a direct benefit to the football club, the environment and the rest of the community who can enjoy the improvements made. Secondly this is also another example of teamwork which is what the club is all about and gets the players working together without even realising it.”

Roselyn added that environmental responsibility is something Whalsay Riding Club take very seriously: “We believe it is crucial that everyone plays their part in addressing the climate crisis through reducing waste and emissions.

“We have always aspired to be as environmentally responsible as possible as we all feel very strongly that it will help to make the world a better place.

"Change starts with the small actions of each person and by changing how things are done you can change attitudes and behaviours by example. 

“Roadside rubbish was a real problem in Whalsay when we started doing the Redd Up and over the years the efforts we had made were really appreciated by the community. People were grateful for our efforts and we saw a marked reduction in littering, which has continued.  The younger generation are much more aware of environmental issues and are consciously choosing to live in as much of a low impact way as they can. As a club we want to support this, set a good example and educate others.”

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