Women In Sport week 2017

Celebrating women in sport

Four young women tell us why sport means so much to them

Women’s Sport Week, a national awareness week, provides an opportunity for everybody involved with playing, delivering, working in, volunteering or watching sport to celebrate, raise awareness and increase the profile of women’s sport across the UK.

As part of our support for this celebration of sport, we have asked some of the inspirational and strong young women on our Young people’s sport panel to tell us a bit about what sport means to them, who they consider their role models to be and what they hope for the future.

What has sport helped you achieve?

Hannah: Sport has helped me develop my social skills; golf has taught me the appropriate way to conduct myself and my emotions, especially in times when it is not running smoothly. The kind words and support of more experienced players have built up my self-belief, allowing me to start embracing who I am.

Emma (left): Sport has had a major impact on my life, all completely positive. It has provided me with the confidence and a drive to succeed. It has given me something to work towards which has helped me a lot in school, through the motivation to work hard. I’ve developed many transferable skills that help with all aspects of life. Also through sport I have made many friends and been empowered to try new things.


What is your ultimate goal for girls and women in sport in Scotland?

Hannah: To me it is all about giving girls the confidence to know it does not matter what they look like when playing sport but instead how they feel about themselves during and especially after.

Kirsty: I want to see barriers being broken down, so that all girls and women feel able to get involved. I know what sport has done for me and I want everyone to experience the benefits it can offer. I’d like to see more opportunities to take part or volunteer in different roles within all sports, without any stigma!

Eilidh (left): I believe that Scotland can become the first country in the world that is gender equal in terms of sport. Scotland has incredible frameworks both in sport and in schools to allow this goal to be achieved. We all have a responsibility to pave the way for a new generation to feel unstoppable.

Emma: My goal is to see all girls taking part in sport, whether recreationally or competitively. Everyone can take part and reap the benefits that sport can provide.

Who is your role model in sport and why?

Kirsty (right): My Active Schools Coordinator introduced me to sports leadership and provided me with so many opportunities and experiences, locally and internationally even! I delivered sports leadership in Malawi and volunteered at major sporting events. She is a role model to me because she saw things in me I didn't see in myself, she was motivational and enthusiastic about getting more of us involved. She worked so many extra hours to ensure that we were supported and involved in as much as possible. She showed me that sport is for everyone and in the experiences and opportunities she provided she saved me.

Eilidh: My mum is my role model. As a doctor she works every day in the hospital and also volunteers in running our local canoe club. She uses her holidays to take children and young people paddling abroad or coming to watch me and my brother racing. She has shown me that nothing is impossible no matter how many things you are juggling. She has also taught me to dream big and that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

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