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As the National Lottery turns 25, JudoScotland says thank you

Dear National Lottery players,

With The National Lottery in the UK celebrating its 25th birthday this year, JudoScotland would like to say a huge thank you.

Because you play The National Lottery, sport at every level has benefitted from the funding raised from each ticket purchased. With around £30 million raised each week, good causes all across the nation are getting much-needed funding.

Here at JudoScotland, we’ve been able to provide world-class training and facilities to our performance judoka thanks to the support of The National Lottery. We’ve also been able to deliver more opportunities for people to take part in judo throughout Scotland, across various programmes for different ages and stages of life.

Our performance athletes have been able to take advantage of the support of The National Lottery through vital support for training, clothing, competition travel and performance-support services. Because you play, you’re helping us on our journey to produce more Commonwealth medallists and Olympians.

In addition to our performance programme, the financial support has helped us to increase the number of opportunities provided at a local level; this has resulted in judoka of all ages, backgrounds and abilities having the opportunity to participate in judo.

Because you play, we’ve been able to:

  • Develop programmes for young kids starting out on their judo journey
  • Establish an award-winning programme for girls and women in judo
  • Introduce adaptive judo classes for those with disabilities
  • Pioneer a programme for the visually impaired to experience judo.

With Sally Conway’s recent World Championship medal providing inspiration for many judoka both young and not so young (!) your support of The National Lottery will continue to allow us to support others to follow in her footsteps through our various programmes, from playground to podium.

From everyone at JudoScotland, thank you. Because you play, we are able to continue to support judo in Scotland.

Yours sincerely,

Douglas Bryce

Chief executive officer, JudoScotland

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