Review of racism in cricket Q&A

Review of racism in cricket Q&A

More details on the process for the review into racism within Scottish cricket

The ongoing review into racism within Scottish cricket started this month and the independent team want to hear from anyone who has experienced or witnessed racism.  

There can be no place for racism or inequalities within cricket and the review team at Plan4Sport will publish an in-depth report in July this year with associated recommendations for Cricket Scotland to take forward. Scotland’s national agency for sport, sportscotland, will be responsible for holding the governing body to account on all areas of the report’s implementation.

But we know that people might feel uncomfortable about coming forward. We know it’s a big step but by coming forward you will help change the sport for the better. If you are still unsure about contacting the team, we hope the below will help provide some answers to any questions you may have and more importantly provide some reassurance in the process.

I am not sure if what I experienced is racism or not, should I come forward?

Racism, inequalities and discrimination can take many forms including physical abuse and racial slurs.  It can also be indirect and relate to being treated differently in some way. This might result in less opportunities or being excluded. It doesn’t matter what form it takes, racism and inequality have no place in cricket and that is why this independent review has been set up. If you are not sure if your experience is related to race or not, don’t worry. Our team of experts can assess your situation and use this information to report on racism and any other forms of discrimination or inequalities that you have experienced.

Will my name be public?

No, your name will not be made public under any circumstances and your involvement will be completely confidential. This is important to the review team because they want people to have the confidence to come forward and share their experiences in a safe and confidential place, and to help shape any changes needed. We know this can be daunting but please be reassured that your details won’t be shared with anyone within cricket or any other organisation.

Is what I have experienced serious enough?

It doesn’t matter if you think your experience is in some way too small or insignificant, the review team wants to hear from you. Nothing is too small and as well as identifying incidences of racism by coming forward you may be able to highlight other issues in the game and trends, which in turn will help identify solutions. In short, every experience is important so please come forward.

I am nervous about coming forward, will be there be support?

We understand that coming forward and sharing experiences can be difficult and even traumatic. However, this is a safe space where you will be treated with respect and compassion. The review team has 150 years combined experience working in areas including equality and diversity and they will be supported by Running Out Racism who have a team of trained advocates ready to assist. 

Will anything really change as a result of this review?

We understand that in many places trust is broken and that people are not convinced that change will really happen. However, sportscotland appointed the independent team of experts from Plan4Sport because we understand there is a need to rebuild that trust and set out clear actions which will ensure real and meaningful change will take place. That is a view that is shared by Cricket Scotland. The review team will publish a set of recommendations that will inform change within cricket.

Anyone who has been affected by racism or racial inequalities within Scottish cricket should contact in the first instance. All contacts will be treated confidentially and will be responded to by the independent review team.

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