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Feel your personal best - Sharon

“I love how I feel after running. It gives me a routine”

Through taking part in a variety of sport or physical activity at her local community sport hub, Sharon feels more confident, can leave the house, has made new friends, and now has routine in her life, something she desperately needed.

After suffering abuse from an early age Sharon turned to drugs to cope with life.

Sharon was a target of sexual abuse which contributed hugely to her feelings of isolation and lack of confidence. Days even weeks would go by when Sharon wouldn’t leave her house, have a shower, or even leave her bed.

“I would take drugs to help me deal with day-to-day life. I had nothing to get out of bed for. I felt really depressed and at the time it felt like the drugs made me feel better about myself. It was my coping mechanism.

“I tended to avoid other people as I have been sexually abused, and this made me scared of trusting people, and leaving my safe space (her home). I lost all confidence in myself.

“This was all seriously affecting me and my family’s life. I was fed up getting taken advantage of and I knew I something needed to change.”

Sharon started jogging to get out of the house and to help make her feel better. She began going out short jogs up in the woods, so no one else would see her, but this was the kickstart she needed to bring routine into her life.

Cycling at Drumchapel Cycle Hub, a local cycling group which aims to make cycling activities inclusive and accessible to everyone was another sport recommended to Sharon by a friend at the local library. Linked with Drumchapel Sports Hub, this is how her love for the Sport hub began.

“I attend some of the cycling sessions which were really good fun and helped to take me out of my comfort zone, and through this I noticed there was a Couch to 5k programme being run by Drumchapel Joggers.”

“I was so nervous to attend the Couch to 5k that I was contemplating not turning up. I was sweating so much even just thinking about it.

"I knew I had to go and forced myself to attend, and it’s been the best most uncomfortable decision I have made!

“I have met loads of other people, we share stories and there is no judgement. Considering I didn’t like speaking to people, it feels totally different while jogging and I would just offload everything going on.”

“Running helps me to think straight and find answers.

"I also love how I feel after running. My confidence grows and I feel so much more positive.

"I’m going out a lot more than usual and I’m even eating healthier than I would before.”

Sharon has been a great ambassador for other women attending the sessions and has since gone on to be a jog leader, inspiring other women from the area to get involved and support the running of the sessions.

“Being a hub leader has kept me going. I really like to help others and it gives me so much confidence knowing I am making a difference in other people’s lives. They don’t know it but me supporting them is also helping me feel better about myself and that’s what really drives me.”

Sharon has now added Pickleball, a sport combining elements of several other racket sports to the growing list of sport and activities she is involved with at the hub, and even drags her daughter along to play!

“I have met so many wonderful people through the hub, Friends I will call my friends for life. It has been a slow process, but I not only feel my physical health improving, but my overall wellbeing too. I’m so grateful for the hub in helping me meet new people and make positive lasting memories.

“For anyone looking to try something new, I won’t lie and say it’s not hard, but give it that chance. It might change your life.”

Grant Morrison, Sport Development Officer for Glasgow Life said: “It has been amazing to see Sharon’s confidence and self-esteem grow as she has got more involved in activities; she has inspired so many other people to get involved. Glasgow Life is working with hubs across the city to provide more opportunities to impact people positively through sport and physical activity.”

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Physical activity is central to good mental health and wellbeing. By finding ways to fit activity into your day, you will feel a difference in your mood and energy levels. SAMH, Public Health Scotland and sportscotland are working together to help you #FeelYourPersonalBest.

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