Clean Sport Week 2022

UK Anti-Doping’s Clean Sport Week returns

Clean Sport Week is UK Anti-Doping’s (UKAD) national awareness week, championing clean sport, education and anti-doping initiatives with sports across the UK.

With the Commonwealth Games taking place in Birmingham this summer, athlete education is as important as ever.

The theme for this year’s awareness week, taking place May 23-27 is: What you see is 100% me.

100% me is UKAD’s athlete education programme. It outlines what they want to see from athletes performing on any stage is 100% hard work, determination and respect for the rules.

During Clean Sport Week you will be able to learn the anti-doping processes ahead of the Commonwealth Games, the importance of education, the impacts of doping and hear from elite sportspeople on how to prepare for a major games.

UKAD will also be releasing the latest UK Anti-Doping research into the public's perception of doping in sport.

UK Anti-Doping Policy 2021

The new UK Anti-Doping Policy was launched last April by the UK Government Department of Culture Media and Sport.

As the National Agency for sport in Scotland, sportscotland signed up to the policy and now have several specific responsibilities that include:

  • The designation of a staff member to act as its nominated lead and the designation of one board member to act as the nominated lead on the board in regards to anti-doping matters.
  • To provide support to UKAD and SGBs to ensure that athletes and support staff are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities in relation to anti-doping.
  • To ensure the organisations we invest in comply with the new UKAD Framework & Policy.

Coral Bain, sportscotland vice chair who is also the sportscotland board member responsible for clean sport, said:

sportscotland is committed to ensuring Scottish athletes and support staff have all the knowledge and resources available to avoid any potential risks. 

“Education and support are important year-round to empower athletes to make informed choices, preparations for Birmingham 2022 will bring that into sharper focus.

“We will continue to work with partners like UK Anti-Doping to collectively protect the integrity of sport in Scotland.” 

Food First

The sportscotland institute of sport (SIS) is supporting clean sport year round and is leading the way in encouraging a Food First programme.  Food First is an innovative approach to clean sport education. The aim is to empower athletes to make informed choices around a food and supplement choices. 

The SIS performance nutrition team have designed a trilogy of workshops aimed to explore understanding and behaviours around food choices alongside assessing the need for supplements, identifying risk and consequence.  One unique and important feature of the SIS Food First programme is learning and practising the physical and mental skills that enable informed choices. These interactive sessions are bringing clean sport to life and the aim is to influence culture and productive conversations in this area. 

Data is collected on knowledge and decision making prior to the first session, after the last session and followed up on 2-3 months down the line in an attempt to assess lasting impact and help behavioural change.

Clean Sport Plan

sportscotland is committed to promoting the ethos of clean sport in Scotland by providing leadership and guidance to support SGB’s to deliver clean sport education to the performance system in Scotland. 

The sportscotland Clean Sport Plan is designed to protect athletes and their support staff by minimising the risk of a doping rule violation occurring. One of the plan’s key objectives is to deliver education for Team Scotland for Birmingham 2022.

This year our education team delivered; 34 workshops to 618 athletes and 89 support staff.

The Team Scotland education programme is almost complete with 90% long-listed athletes now accredited.

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